Frequently Asked Questions


UCLA and UCLA Extension students, faculty, and staff (with the exception of OIT and TDG staff who are involved in the contest.)

Teams that have won will be invited to be a judge in the year following their win.


  • Teams are required to register by 5pm on Friday, June 30th, 2017
  • Final Submissions are due at 9am on September 25th, 2017
  • Finalists announced September 29th and they will be invited to present a poster on their app at the Mobile Experience Conference Opens in a new window
  • Prizes awarded October 12th at UCLA's newly launched Mobile Experience Conference Opens in a new window

    Ownership can be confusing. By virtue of the University of California patent and copyright policies, many of the apps submitted for this contest will be the property of The Regents of the University of California ("The Regents"). In general, if you are a student, your app belongs to you. If you are a staff member and you are building this app already for UCLA, most likely the app would belong to UCLA. Also, if you received funding to build the app that UCLA is administering, then it most likely belongs to UCLA.

    For full details see:

    If your app does not automatically belong to The Regents and your app wins the contest, you will be required to assign your IP rights to The Regents in order to HAVE YOUR APP DISTRIBUTED ON THE UCLA APP STORE OR UCLA GOOGLE PLAY STORE. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ASSIGN THE RIGHTS TO THE REGENTS IF YOU WILL BE DISTRIBUTING YOUR APP ON ANY OTHER PLATFORM EVEN IF YOU WIN. .

    If your app does not win, or you app does not already belong to UCLA (see above), you retain the rights to your app.

    If your app does not win, you CAN still CHOOSE to have it distributed via one of UCLA's branded app stores. YOU WILL HAVE TO assign the rights to The Regents BUT you will be provided assistance with commercialization from UCLA's Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Sponsored Research AND YOU WILL STILL EARN REVENUE.

    For further details, contact us at


    Not unless you win AND WANT TO DISTRIBUTE YOUR APP THROUGH THE UCLA APP STORE OR UCLA GOOGLE PLAY STORE! UCLA does not take ownership of your app as a condition of entering. In some circumstances, your app may already belong to UCLA because of University policies. Additionally, if you want your app distributed on the UCLA app storefront or the Google Play storefront we would require assignment of the app. But, just by entering the contest you will not be assigning away your rights in the app. That depends – If your app is already owned by UCLA because of UCLA policies..


    If you have funding that you are using to create your app, UCLA needs to verify that there are no obligations related to that funding that would conflict with the contest. For example, if you have received sponsored research money to build an app and the sponsor has a right to that app, you may not be able to participate in the contest. UCLA's Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Sponsored Research, in coordination with the Office of Contracts and Grants, will determine this for you after you submit your project.


    The prizes will be announced as soon as they are finalized. The prizes will be given to the person listed as the team lead and the team can decide how to apportion the prize.

    7. If we win, does the team lead need to be physically present at the awards ceremony?

    No. However, if you're not on campus, you will need to designate someone to accept the prize for you.

    8. How big can my team be?

    Up to 6 people. Each team requires participation of at least 1 member of the UCLA Community (Faculty, Student or Staff). You may petition the contest administration to add additional members by emailing

    9. Can I submit more than one entry?

    No. Each team can submit 1 app. You may submit multiple ideas if you are looking for a team, but you must decide which team will be your final submission.

    10. Can I be on more than one team?

    No. Individuals can be on one team only - you must commit to 1 team and 1 idea.

    11. What platforms are accepted?

    We will accept iOS, Android, Microsoft Mobile, and html5 mobile web apps for this contest.

    12. If I'm developing an app already, with my own resources and programmers, can I enter the Code for the Mission Challenge?

    Yes! We hope you do!! One of the requirements of the contest is that the IP must be assigned to The Regents to be a prizewinner and to be distributed on any UCLA site. If your app does not win and you do not wish to have your app distributed by UCLA, after the contest ends, you may request that the app be released back to you.

    13. What if I have an app that is already coded - can I enter that?

    You may enter an existing app into the contest, but you must add some new functionality as part of the contest. You must also indicate which functionality has been added to the app.

    14. Can I enter the same app I submitted last year?

    Only if your app did not win a prize in the contest last year. If you won any of the prizes in last year's UCLA Code for the Mission App competition, then you cannot submit that same app in this years competition.