2016 Code for the Mission
Research: mHealth: Sensors, Wearables & Data Mashups
Welcome to RADiDOC, your personal radiation safety digital assistant! Medical imaging studies such as x-rays and CT scans are associated with radiation exposure. Using RADiDOC, you can learn about that radiation exposure in a simple, intuitive way that anyone can understand. Although medical imaging is critically important for your health and can offer life saving benefits, radiation exposure has been linked to cancer risk. By integrating numerous academic research studies, RADiDOC describes the level of risk for a wide array of medical imaging studies and procedures. The application has a number of core features. Have a particular study coming up that you are curious about? In consultation mode, users can look up an estimate of the radiation dose associated with a particular study of interest. Are you curious about your lifetime radiation exposure from medical imaging studies? In log mode, your cumulative radiation dose can be tracked over time by keeping a log of all radiation studies administered. Are you curious about radiation in general and want to learn more? In the Radiation 101 section, fundamental radiation concepts are explained by experienced radiologists from a top academic university. Thank you for your interest in RADiDOC! We look forward to helping make you a more knowledgable, informed consumer of medical care.