My Big Heart: Managing Heart Failure at UCLA

2016 Code for the Mission
Research: mHealth: Sensors, Wearables & Data Mashups
This iOS app will use Apple’s CareKit framework to educate and manage the health of adult and pediatric heart failure patients. The app will feature an automated identification algorithm based on clinical signs and symptoms for worsening heart failure. Through CareKit’s unique ability to track real-time heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry, the app will alert patients when they should call their physicians for critical vital signs, and heart failure exacerbations. The aims of this app are to reduce morbidity, reduce mortality, prevent re-admissions, and improve patient quality of life. The app will also track medication compliance, interface with patient pharmacy to log refill patterns, and create medication lists that can be shared with family and caregivers. It will provide patients easy access to physicians and referral networks. My Big Heart will change the way physicians and patients connect.
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