Chorus: Creating mobile apps together!

2016 Code for the Mission
Service: Promoting Community Engagement and Civil Discourse
Chorus is a participatory mobile health framework and web application to enable community leaders, patients, providers, and researchers to create their own personalized mobile health interventions and share them with each other... no programmers needed! Chorus allows regular, non-techie people to rapidly create, in as little as a few minutes, a broad range of automated text messaging (SMS), interactive voice (IVR), and mobile web applications using a simple visual interface. It lowers the financial, technical and time constraints of traditional mobile health application development and the accessible visual interface enables engagement of a broad group of people. Additionally, rapid and low cost development allows for novel application types to be created such as ‘just-in-time’ interventions, responding to time-sensitive needs. Chorus was designed to help everyone's voice to be heard when it comes to creating accessible and sustainable mobile technologies to address community needs.