Evidence Locker: Accessible Digital Reading

2017 Code for the Mission
Education: Apps that Support Diversity in Education
Evidence Locker, a learning tool under development at CDH, teaches students about literary analysis. Students annotate an electronic text, create arguments about that text, and peer review each other’s arguments about that text. Currently, however, there are two audiences that have trouble using Evidence Locker. The first is users who use screen readers: a screen reader cannot currently detect the text on pages in Evidence Locker. The second is economically disadvantaged "smartphone-only" internet users: a 2016 Pew Research Survey shows that 13% of Americans are "smartphone-only" users who have smartphones, but no home broadband. Evidence Locker's interface is currently not mobile-friendly. To address these needs, we will make the interface of Evidence Locker more inclusive. We will work with the Disabilities and Computing Program to make the interface compatible with assistive technology. We will also revise the interface to enable students whose primary access to the internet is through a smartphone to use the tool.