NICU Essentials

2017 Code for the Mission
Education: Apps that Support Diversity in Education
The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a fast-paced environment that is often stressful for learning pediatric trainees. As a result, educational objectives for the rotation are often sacrificed due to the dynamic flow of ICU patient care and is further exacerbated by constraints placed by resident duty hour and the transient nature of resident schedules. Recent surveys from pediatric residents NICU rotations indicate a desire for more consistent educational instruction that will seamlessly fit into their daily workflow. Asynchronous learning is a student centered instructional method where interactions between the teacher and learner are independent of time and place. This allows pediatrics residents greater flexibility to achieve their educational goals at their own pace. The ubiquity of mobile technology in the medical setting is a prime vehicle for delivery for educational curricula to the next generation of pediatric trainees. The goal of "NICU Essentials" will be to develop an education curriculum for pediatric trainee use during their NICU rotations that will be delivered via a mobile app. The app will provide trainees with pre-recorded video lectures, multiple choice questions and articles to augment their learning during their rotation through the NICU in addition to a variety of other educational tools.