Health Stories

2017 Code for the Mission
Education: Apps that Support Diversity in Education
Based on the idea of Social Cognition and established Entertainment Education theoretical frameworks, Health Stories is a system for collecting and recreating stories from patients who have interesting health experiences to tell. Users can read and discuss stories from other patients, submit their own story, and have the option to enter in health related information that facilitates data collection for further research and analysis. This not only facilitates and encourages health education, but also promotes interest in preventative activities (healthier choices) and provides the motivation to follow through. Stories can eventually be shared onto various social media platforms, or adapted into different forms, such as a video or audio , to allow the general public to learn more about health and medicine. As we distribute and repackage the stories received through content partners that we currently work with, we will expand the impact of the stories in addition to attracting new users. Potential users range from patients who are concerned about the conditions they have and how a certain diagnosis will affect their life all the way to people who may not have any health issues but are interested in learning more for themselves or for their families. Story content is continuously monitored and updated by healthcare professionals to ensure they are aligned with healthcare guidelines. Health Stories is different from existing health apps in that personal stories are more emotionally appealing and encouraging, and research shows that they can provide the crucial motivation needed for people to actually act on the health knowledge acquired.