STEAMed Carrots

2017 Code for the Mission
Education: Apps that Support Diversity in Education
This app leverages LTL (Learning in two languages)-faculty developed lessons in teaching Math using CGI (cognitive guided instruction ) techniques. Our STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) faculty helped us build easy to use lessons in an iOS App for Pre-K through 6th grade students. It's fun, thought provoking, and takes you on a wonderful journey as you explore the philosophy of mathematics. Although teaching math in a diverse multi-language school doesn't require looking at the instruction differently this App will have a bilingual (trilingual?) component using language specific APIs. Now that the UCLA campus has a expanded to include not only pre-k through 6th (UCLA Lab School) but also 6th- 12th grades (Geffen Academy) finding ways to prepare students in STEAM as early as possible is key to their future success.
Skills Recruiting: