Receiptless On-Campus Dining

2017 Code for the Mission
Service: Apps for a More Livable LA
Forgoing 55,000 paper receipts can spare an entire tree. Translating this statistic to UCLA on campus housing, home of more than 15,000 residents, eliminating receipts from the four boutique dining services could spare at least 6 trees per month while saving expenses on the papers. Our goal is to develop an app and a system to help reduce receipt waste at UCLA Hill dining services by modifying and deciphering the output of the cash register to securely transfer the information that is currently printed on the paper receipt into the mobile app. Additional features will be included to increase the usability of the app for the users. Our app aims to support the UCLA Green Initiatives, conserve office expenditures, and improves the traffic flow and customer experiences in the dining boutiques.
Skills Recruiting: