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Receiptless On-Campus Dining

Forgoing 55,000 paper receipts can spare an entire tree. Translating this statistic to UCLA on campus housing, home of more than 15,000 residents, eliminating receipts from the four boutique dining services could spare at least 6 trees per month while saving expenses on the papers. Our goal is to develop an app and a system to help reduce receipt waste at UCLA Hill dining services by modifying and deciphering the output of the cash register to securely transfer the information that is currently printed on the paper receipt into the mobile app.


Los Angeles is an amazing city, but it's size and traffic make it less livable. Hansel brings you walking tours that make it easy to leave your car at home and explore LA. Come walk with Hansel through the great neighborhoods of Los Angeles!


mplant is a National Science Foundation award-winning platform that helps general dentists who want to place their dental implant cases by providing a research-based patient-custom treatment plan that if followed, it will decrease the 56% rate of complications that is mainly due to poor planning, it also helps decreasing the fear factor of complications that 65% of the current general dentists have.

STEAMed Carrots

This app leverages LTL (Learning in two languages)-faculty developed lessons in teaching Math using CGI (cognitive guided instruction ) techniques. Our STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) faculty helped us build easy to use lessons in an iOS App for Pre-K through 6th grade students. It's fun, thought provoking, and takes you on a wonderful journey as you explore the philosophy of mathematics.

Kurbbit - The Community Parking Network

We are creating an improved sharing economy network, The Community Parking Network. Think of Kurbbit as the Airbnb of parking, with a twist. It is a mobile website and iOS platform that connects a two-sided network of hosts and guest for short, medium, and long-term parking in congested communities. Hosts can make extra cash by renting out their unused parking spaces, and Kurbbit charges a commission on every transaction. Kurbbit’s twist is what makes it unique.

NICU Essentials

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a fast-paced environment that is often stressful for learning pediatric trainees. As a result, educational objectives for the rotation are often sacrificed due to the dynamic flow of ICU patient care and is further exacerbated by constraints placed by resident duty hour and the transient nature of resident schedules. Recent surveys from pediatric residents NICU rotations indicate a desire for more consistent educational instruction that will seamlessly fit into their daily workflow.

SaRA - Surgery and Recovery Assistant

SaRA - the Surgery and Recovery Assistant empowers patients to control their entire surgery process by becoming more informed prior to surgery, being better prepared going into surgery, and improved recovery tools to provide a more full and quick recovery.

Campus Mood

Using data from Social Media (example Twitter) we can provide real-time sense of the mood on campus. We will analyze posts for using machine learning and open source tools such as the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to figure out the emotion of the posts people are creating. We will also data mine to find campus mood of the campus in relationship to recent events. Contact me to join the Team!

DCG Assessment

This will be an app satisfying the requirements mentioned at

Stress Less

Using the sensors in the Apple Watch we will identify key moments of stress experienced by a user. After collecting more information from the user about specific actions or activities that occur during these moments of stress, Stress Less will nudge a user to change their behavior. Often times, simply acknowledging a stressor will alleviate and even remove the feeling of stress altogether. Overall, this app will help individuals lead less stressful lives and help people achieve greater happiness.


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