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something with wearables

Wearable app, not sure what yet but down to brainstorm -data collection (ex. heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.) -big data anaylsis (machine learning, preventative measures) possible applications in: -sports -medical data for hospitals -preventative diagnostics

My Big Heart: Managing Heart Failure at UCLA

This iOS app will use Apple’s CareKit framework to educate and manage the health of adult and pediatric heart failure patients. The app will feature an automated identification algorithm based on clinical signs and symptoms for worsening heart failure. Through CareKit’s unique ability to track real-time heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry, the app will alert patients when they should call their physicians for critical vital signs, and heart failure exacerbations.

Shockwave: Prevention of Traffic Jams Before They Occur

Have you ever wondered if a single driver suddenly braking can instantly cause a large traffic jam? The answer is yes. The majority of traffic congestion and accidents can be attributed to a phenomena known as shockwave. A car suddenly stopping causes a ripple effect whereby all cars behind it must then abrubtly stop. During rush hour this shockwave will immediately cascade for miles and cause traffic congestion. We will demonstrate the application of our research of novel vehicle to vehicle technology utilizing a simple smartphone app.

Silver Lining: Real-Time Depression Self-Asessessment and Corrective Behavior

Among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. Of those that do seek treatment, 50% relapse and remain depressed due to false and premature confidence in the treatment. Our solution is to provide real-time personalized and private feedback so individuals can make better informed decisions and induce self-corrective behavior by monitoring sleep habits, exercise patterns, and social interactions in a privacy-preserving fashion.


Dep-Chart is an app that will facilitate in collection and organization of important information of participants involved in UCLA Depression Grand Challenge. This user-friendly app will guide the participants in creating one's own medical history chart for self-report (history of medication usage). It will then re-organize the input data and present researchers with formats for efficient downstream data analysis.

Study Group Pairing App

An iOS app that helps students to start or find study groups of size 4-6 for their classes.

HeartHome/Patient Dashboard for Cardiovascular Medical Care

The goal for this app is to serve as a dashboard for patients at risk for or diagnosed with heart disease focused on providing suggestions for healthy lifestyle adjustments, patient support through sharing stories, and incentives for patients to track their stats with the possibility of analytics at a later date.


The vision and goal of COM·POSE is to empower and give voice to the community through a visual engagement tool, and to better connect community-based solutions to local government entities. The name COM·POSE is formed by a shortened version of the words "community proposal", and also serves to signify the ability the community has to compose envisioned improvements to their neighborhood through the application.


u-sim will revolutionize medical simulation. Simulation is quickly becoming an integral part of medical education, offering a means for both safe and high-fidelity reproduction of patient care for learners and practitioners at all levels. The current environment for medical simulation development lacks standardization – at best using primitive templates that are often institution-specific.


To many parents, the sound of their baby’s voice is music to their ears. For those who are either deaf or hearing-impaired, this music is silent. To allow every baby to be heard, we are creating a baby-monitor for deaf parents called “ChatterBaby,” so deaf parents can interpret their babies' sounds with an application (app) on iPhone and Android platforms.


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