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Q-Cigarettes App

The Q-Cigarettes App is the first mobile app to combine counseling and medication for tobacco dependence treatment. Furthermore, it is designed to increase user engagement and virality by modeling itself after popular messaging and social media apps. Peer Support/Counseling: The app enables the creation of a social network of friends and family and equips them with a counselor’s full toolbox. In response to a request by a Quitter or by using his/her familiarity with a Quitter’s habits, a Supporter can send, (1) Standardized Messages of Support with a press of a button (sources incl.

"Who's Got Game?"

"Who's Got Game?" iOS mobile app is Yelp meets TV Guide for sports fans. We find the best place to watch the game you want to watch, help you get there, and enhance your experience when you arrive. We help like-minded fans gather at venues, guide them through interactivities and offer coupons for discounts at venues in Los Angeles. By concentrating on community-shared demographics, focusing on predictable sports calendars, "Who's Got Game?" can incentivize altruistic behaviors ranging from flash-cleanups to charity initiatives.

Private Analytics

Real-time data harvesting preserving privacy and anonymity. Data is then shared to enable social utility.

AirForU: Driving Air Quality Awareness and Health Protection

AirForU is an air quality (AQ) mobile application and associated research study. By leveraging information technology, AirForU is designed to increase public awareness and drive public engagement towards health protection during periods of poor AQ in communities throughout the Los Angeles region and beyond. Developed using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitoring data, the application and ensuing research will provide real time information and individual behavior analysis with a goal of increasing awareness of air pollution and reducing exposure to air pollution.

1st Comes Caring

::: It seems fairly obvious to those who care about the environment that we need to change our habits ~ but watching the news shows us that there are those who do not share that concern; their push back shows a lack of knowledge about how the environment and their actions impact the community. When it comes to change, it seems we are a resistant nation. Wearing seat belts was proven to increase lives in auto accidents, but it wasn't until we enforced it,that people got into the habit of buckling up.

Urban Environmental Toolbox (Pedestrian Environmental Quality Index)

Urban environments are vastly different, and many health, injury and quality of life disparities exist as a result of inferior infrastructure in neighborhoods. While local governments may want to address hazardous environments, the practicality of assessing hundreds, if not thousands, of square miles of urban areas becomes a barrier to change. Even where residents know hazardous conditions exist, they do not have the right tools to make a compelling case to change-agents, who need data to act. Our project will bridge this gap, leveraging smartphones towards participatory governance.

Talk Dirty to me

Organization BlueWall Productions is digital manufacturing startup company. Our Mission is to help people where we can in the area of enhancing their access to Class Mobility. We use software applications to provide these progressive tools in hardware that people are naturally engaging with all day everyday.

Health for All: Improving LA's Health One Person at a Time

Health disparities are all too common in the Greater Los Angeles region. This web-based application targets LA families who have limited access to health resources, including primary care facilities and social resources for improving health (for example, access to fresh produce near their home). The Health for All website provides a free evaluation of individuals' and families' health status using a simple questionnaire and provides them with the resources they need to improve their wellbeing and get started on the track to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthcare Stat Link

The healthcare industry (hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, doctors’ offices) is rapidly becoming more reliant on precise and accurate information during the registration process. Errors and omissions adversely affect the delivery of proper medical treatment and negatively impact the financial returns (insurance reimbursements, deductibles, copays, etc) for both healthcare providers and patients. There are no mobile device apps that address the need for rapid accurate healthcare registration.


For the CRESST/ENGAGE project, we developed a bundle of games that teach both physics and social and emotional concepts through problem solving. These games were designed for young children in grades K-3. To reduce the need for reading, we use graphics and icons to represent the concepts. There are two mini-games in this bundle: <!--break--> In Go Vector Go (GVG), students are asked to help Vector the Train reach his destination, while collecting stars and avoiding obstacles such as dynamite.


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