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Los Angeles is an amazing city, but it's size and traffic make it less livable. Hansel brings you walking tours that make it easy to leave your car at home and explore LA. Come walk with Hansel through the great neighborhoods of Los Angeles!


mplant is a National Science Foundation award-winning platform that helps general dentists who want to place their dental implant cases by providing a research-based patient-custom treatment plan that if followed, it will decrease the 56% rate of complications that is mainly due to poor planning, it also helps decreasing the fear factor of complications that 65% of the current general dentists have.

Kurbbit - The Community Parking Network

We are creating an improved sharing economy network, The Community Parking Network. Think of Kurbbit as the Airbnb of parking, with a twist. It is a mobile website and iOS platform that connects a two-sided network of hosts and guest for short, medium, and long-term parking in congested communities. Hosts can make extra cash by renting out their unused parking spaces, and Kurbbit charges a commission on every transaction. Kurbbit’s twist is what makes it unique.


Trimify allows you to paste any URL and receive an instant summary known as a trimlet giving you all the 'need to know' content and nothing else. Even better than that , you can use trimify's topic searching ability to receive an instant trimlet on any topic through popular research sites such as Wikipedia and yahoo.

SaRA - Surgery and Recovery Assistant

SaRA - the Surgery and Recovery Assistant empowers patients to control their entire surgery process by becoming more informed prior to surgery, being better prepared going into surgery, and improved recovery tools to provide a more full and quick recovery.

Campus Mood

Using data from Social Media (example Twitter) we can provide real-time sense of the mood on campus. We will analyze posts for using machine learning and open source tools such as the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to figure out the emotion of the posts people are creating. We will also data mine to find campus mood of the campus in relationship to recent events. Contact me to join the Team!

DCG Assessment

This will be an app satisfying the requirements mentioned at

Contrarian Solutions

A patient and physician facing interface which would allow for accelerated interaction between doctors and patients in regard to the patients' responses and potential adverse drug effects (ADE's) to prescription anti-depressants.

Shockwave: Prevention of Traffic Jams Before They Occur

Have you ever wondered if a single driver suddenly braking can instantly cause a large traffic jam? The answer is yes. The majority of traffic congestion and accidents can be attributed to a phenomena known as shockwave. A car suddenly stopping causes a ripple effect whereby all cars behind it must then abrubtly stop. During rush hour this shockwave will immediately cascade for miles and cause traffic congestion. We will demonstrate the application of our research of novel vehicle to vehicle technology utilizing a simple smartphone app.

Silver Lining: Real-Time Depression Self-Asessessment and Corrective Behavior

Among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. Of those that do seek treatment, 50% relapse and remain depressed due to false and premature confidence in the treatment. Our solution is to provide real-time personalized and private feedback so individuals can make better informed decisions and induce self-corrective behavior by monitoring sleep habits, exercise patterns, and social interactions in a privacy-preserving fashion.


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